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Web Design Projects in Process

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We are working on a refresh of a really great Apple related design and product development sites.

We are focusing on reworking the information architecture, the functions of the site, integrating a more holistic social aspect, as well as making the core of the business revolve around a solid rating system that people can reliably identify with and trust.

We have simplified the color scheme, simplified the message and tag line, build the site around a core principle, designed and tested a logo with lasting impressions. The logo is interactive. We can’t wait to show you how it works, it is fantastic.

Click image for larger view of our design of

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We also wanted to show you a sneak peak at another web design project we are working on for a startup out of San Francisco. The design we are working on for them includes web design, logo and brand development, as well as focusing on user interface and user flow.

Click image for larger view of our design for a web application.

Web App Design Company San Fran App Design

We are also working for a well known music producer and production company out of New York City as well as Stanford, UC Davis, and Unicef on user interface and design projects.

More to come as we progress. In the meantime, have you read our “How to market your brand online” article?