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How did you enter the world of graphic design?
I’ve always been interested in graphic design. Even when I was a child, I loved to draw and had an eye for detail and colours. I didn’t go down the traditional route of university. Instead, I taught myself how to use programs such as Photoshop and Cinema 4d to create art, and eventually built up a basic portfolio of work. I then applied for jobs locally and now am a graphic designer for a small company.

What inspires you to create such amazingly positive work?
It’s been a bumpy road to get to a point where I’m confident in myself to publish what is positive in my art. I think it’s a quality which is inspired by others, love, and general happiness which I get from making the art itself. I love to look at a piece of my art and if it makes me happy, it usually goes online!

What techniques do you use to create movement in your designs?
I think it’s just knowing the tools and planning what the idea of the composition is about. To create movement, you need a good sense of space, and colouring and blending between different areas of the design. It’s good to drive a person from one end of the canvas to the other, which can be done in a variety of ways, from light streaks in my case, to simple flow.

What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m always looking for ways to better myself and drive myself forward. In the last three years, I feel I have progressed beyond what I ever expected with my work and art, so who knows what the future holds. All I know is that I’ll be having fun making my future into something I enjoy!

What advice do you have for those just starting out?
Working freelance can be hard. One week it can be very quiet and another week it can be hectic. I think it’s finding a balance of work which you feel you can handle, and coming to time agreements with your clients which you are both happy with. It’s great to be able to pick the work you do. However, sometimes you have to settle for jobs you don’t particularly enjoy, but that’s part of the learning experience. I’m currently bombarded with work from various clients, but I’m in a position where I’m able to select what I feel I’ll enjoy rather than what will pay the most money. I think if you’re just starting out, it’s good to have a solid base of people wanting to hire you for your skills, a good portfolio and a style which stands out. It’s always good to take time out to develop your personal style which will help others see what you enjoy doing, and hopefully you’ll get hired for it!