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Eco Web and Environmental Web Design Company


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We are an environmentally-friendly Triple Bottom Line agency.

Eco-Web Hosting

We offer a wide range of socially-conscious website hosting options. We regularly seek out options and companies to make our hosting more ethically run and environmentally responsible. We are continually growing, and similarly providing green, environmentally sound, renewable energy powered hosting services, all within our professional scope. We understand that web hosting uses plenty of power due to the constantly running servers, back-up generators, and other sources that pull from hydro and energy sources. Because of this, we look for reliable web hosting and email services using 100% renewable energy. Contact us for more information on our approved eco-hosts.

Environmentally-Conscious Design

We believe that creating and maintaining a sustainable web and logo design company will have a positive influence on the world. We have a mission to positively influence the world based on our design skills. We focus on working with eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious practices, and readily seek out companies with the same ethics. We always practice what we preach, and regularly donate to organizations that do the same, and You can read more about our ethos featured in the articles 10 Ways to Take Design Action and Make a Positive Difference in the World and an interview on the website Freelance Switch.

Apple Computers

We only work with Apple computers, and appreciate their strong focus on environmentally friendly practices. Apple uses a comprehensive life cycle analysis to determine where all of their greenhouse gas emissions come from. They tally the emissions generated from the manufacturing, transportation, use, and recycling of their products, along with the emissions generated by their facilities. These analytics prove that ninety-eight percent of their emissions comes from their products, and so, that is why they focus on simplicity. They combine less material, and ship with smaller packaging, then ensure that they are free of toxic substances and as energy efficient and recyclable as possible. In addition, Apple is the only company in the industry that can claim that every product they sell not only meets but also exceeds the strict energy guidelines of the ENERGY STAR specification. Combined with their user-friendliness, integrated software, and high-quality hardware, we choose Apple computers to use for our projects.

Recycling Programs

Studio 7 Designs has an in-office recycling program in place. We’ve also established an organic compost box and contribute to local recycle programs. Our goal is to reduce the amount of office materials that end up heading to the landfill and to increase the amount of materials that we compost and recycle. We also use local private sector organizations to assist in recycling office materials, and take advantage of the programs set forth by Apple. We recycle corrugated boxes, office paper, newspaper, telephone books, aluminum cans, plastic bottles (that can be recycled), laser and ink-jet printer cartridges, rechargeable batteries, our Macs and related hardware, and miscellany items that we come across. Additionally, we support local initiatives, such as Seedleaf, a system that simplifies the management
of local food distribution, such as those through Community Support Agriculture, farmers markets, and local food businesses.

Wind-Powered Support

Our main focus is to move to a more sustainable location. We know that a wind turbine is a smart investment that will not only lower our monthly expenses, but will help our business grow, creating better business for us, for you, and around us. But the key here is in the gift to the environment: we know it will help clean the air, slow climate change, and eventually move us towards energy independence. It will soon be a reality for our company!

Partnering with

Kiva helps micro-finance entrepreneurs around the world through donations via credit card or Pay Pal. They partner with existing microfinance institutions around the world that have expertise in microfinance, know their local area, and work to get the money to those who need it.  The partners then deliver the loans and upload stories to Kiva’s website, then lenders browse loan requests and select which ones they’d like to fund. The funds are used to replenish the loan that the institution already made to the entrepreneur, then collects repayments from the entrepreneurs as well as any interest due. The loaner is then paid back. View our Kiva Lender Page.

Paperless and Carbonless Office

Our office systems have been changed over to a paperless system. On the rare occasion we have to use paper, we use paper from a local recycling company. As mentioned, our goal is to reduce the amount of office materials that end up heading to the landfill, and we file our information, data, banking, and all other forms of paper electronically. We have several back-up sources to ensure that we have access to everything, and give back to the trees by not wasting paper.

Donate 1% of Profits to allows us to offset our carbon footprint on the world and support a great organization.They are  committed to reducing the corresponding amount of CO2 emissions and guarantee the amount reduced  is at least the same as the amount generated by the donor. They are a non profit organization that focuses on at least 80 percent of offset payments to be channeled into carbon offset projects. The company is recommended as one of the world leading carbon offset providers, and we regularly contribute to their cause.