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Green Label Organics

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We created a green-friendly web design and logo design for Green Label. They had a very specific design in mind and we were able to produce a polished brand identity.

We take pride in creating the right brand identity, one that has combined the all of the different visual elements that are found in marketing. This includes business cards, letterheads, envelopes, logos, websites, flyers, and more.

Successful brand identities are unique in the look and feel, and the message that the business delivers. Green Label Organics featured that uniqueness right from the start. Their philosophy epitomizes what they stand for: respect. We wanted to exude that in a simple, straightforward outlook with just the right amount of nature and environment.

Green Label Organics sells 100% certified organic ring spun cotton T-shirts and tops. The low impact garment dyed organic T-shirts are made in the USA all adorned in positive messages about the environment, fair trade, sustainability, and issues that are important to us all.

Another key factor to brand identity is repetition. Clients need to understand, relate to, and remember who you are and what you stand for. This is found through Green Label’s website, from their font choices to their logo to their website. Even their tagline, We urge you always to Respect Labor* Respect the Planet* Respect Yourself, delivers the same message. Companies need to have consistent use of the logo and tagline and materials, all of which Green Label brings forward. They feature what makes them unique.

For successful brand identity, things need to stand out. Whether it is graphics, materials, a logo, sounds, imagery, text, anything. As a company we understand the need for this, and work closely alongside our clients, including Green Label, to create the brand that is best for them–that is them.

When graphics and text are clear, it communicates the message in a way that is easy to understand. Crisp, simple, and meaningful are the keys to success, and we provided the tools and the image to do just that for their brand.

We love working with clients who are honest in their brand, because we understand the role of honesty in the brand identity materials. When clients are engaged with a product, the product and the company needs to live up to the promises that they create. This will create further closeness between the clients and the company, thus resulting in more success in your branded materials.

Our success is driven by a combination of professionalism and fun, and we love to work closely with our clients to create a brand identity that will stand above the rest.

Green Label Organics is a perfect example of a company that is easy to work with. Not only do they talk the talk, but they walk the walk as well. They truly are at the epitome of what they believe in for their brand, making marketing and identity processes simple and straightforward. The result, then, is a company that reaches a personal marketing goal, all while holding onto what they believe it.