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We are very happy to announce the launch of our first iPhone Application. The iPhone App Design is a simple iPhone application that lets you stay on top of all things Eco. The application is an easy way to read the latest news on the iPhone. Lots of updates are coming soon!.

For more about iPhone App Design and App Development, here is some information to get you started.

The great thing is that as you grow as a designer, you can still make functional, beautiful apps that perfectly execute what you want them to.

Before you event delve into the idea of app design and development, though, makes sure your idea is a good one. Actually, make sure your idea is a great one. And one that is unique, fresh, exciting and new. Think about it this way: does your app solve the answer to a problem? Will it make life more comfortable? Does it serve a specific niche? Will it make people laugh? It is original, or providing a better option than one already out there? Is it interactive? If you answered yes to at least one (preferably more) of these, then yep, your idea is probably pretty darn good.

Next, you want to get some basics down. You’ll need your own iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or iPad. You’ll have to join the Apple iPhone Developer Program, and get your hands on an Intel-based Mac with updated software. You have to prepare a non-disclosure agreement, download and install the latest version of the iPhone SDK, and a pen and paper.

So now really brainstorm where you want to go with this. When you are developing applications, you have to think: what can I do? Are you the designer? A developer? A marketer? An iPhone app is similar to having a small business, so a team is what really will provide you with success. If you can do it all, great! But if you can’t, find others talented designers to help round out your team. Your team should be able to have knowledge of existing apps, and weed out what works and what doesn’t. Marketable research is important, as well as outlining functionality. GUI design, programming–all of these are essential. If you do hire contractors, make sure they sign your non-disclosure agreement.

Next, get your market research down. Learn from errors (what has bad reviews/not selling in the App Store), and see what ranks at the top and why. Make sure whatever you choose brings something forward as mentioned in the above questions.

You should become one with your iPhone user interface, and make sure that everything you are doing is bringing it to its full potential. If you want to create an iPhone app, you need to know exactly what it does. How can you do this? Pretty simple. Download apps. Use them. See what they do or what they are missing. Are they well-designed? Do they move with ease from screen to screen? Is the organization up to snuff? Do they provide too much/too little/just the right amount of information? Do they take advantage of key characteristics in the iPhone (especially things that aren’t available on other devices?) Download high ranked apps and list features you want to integrate. Chances are, you’ll find some commonalities across the board.

After figuring out what works best, determine who is actually going to use it. Yes, we know that dog lovers will love a dog-centric app, but get down into this a little deeper. If you’re making something to make people’s lives easier, such as a pre-planned weekly menu, keep in mind who would use this. Busy moms on the go? Perhaps, so include kid-friendly meals and make the app as fuss-free as possible. Those on a quest for weight loss? Add in nutritional information and calorie-specific plans. Write out the different types of people who will use your app, and think of exactly why and how they will use it.

Next, grab that pencil and paper and literally sketch out your idea. Draw how it will look, how it will move, and how the information will be shown. Then repeat for each “screen” you’ll show.

The design process is next. If you’re not a designer, then hire one, and look for design portfolios that fall in line with what you are aiming to achieve. There are also plenty of design resources out there to help you along the way.

Once you’re done, submit your application and you’re good to go! You’ll need certificates, app IDs, a profile, the application, and then you’re ready to upload.

App Development and iPhone App Design can definitely be an arduous, but rewarding, task. These tips will help you get started, and if you’re looking for iPhone app designers to get your idea started, feel free to contact us.