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Print design in Victoria BC.

We currently only design business cards for print for our clients.

Studio7Designs prides itself in offering personalized printed products just the way your business needs it. Our services offers many design options, each inspired by your own business module combined with our dedicated approach.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, many who return on a regular basis; our open communication efforts will make you so glad that you’ve ordered from a friendly, approachable, and talented design company who has the customer in mind. We are a team of experienced professionals that aim to provide you with the best and most efficient way to order printed products online. We offer the best quality and price possible, understanding small businesses and self-employed individuals. We continually request feedback and encourage open communication to meet all of your needs.

Business card graphic design

Our cards feature our own stock artwork, and use personalized templates with infinite customizable options. Whether you prefer a full-color card, a simple monochromatic scheme, or something completely different, we work alongside with you every step of the way to ensure your business is fully reflected.  We also offer letterheads, envelopes, and other stationary supplies for a complete set of your business needs.

Studio7Designs backs up all of our products with an 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. That means you have complete confidence when you shop, and we are sure we can fully meet your needs. Our well-designed business cards are carefully made to work with your complete brand development package. We focus on the perfect balance of simplicity, along with nature-inspired themes that complement your business profile.

We understand the quality needed in a business card; after all, it is a portable face of your online business website, and showcases your amazing logo design. We stand by our cards and ensure that we produce them in top quality. Our printers and paper are high quality cardstock, and we work with both glossy and matte options with the best quality ink. We continually check over our documents, edit, and make corrections as needed, while being efficient with a short turn-around time. We play with different layouts, swatches, and print them, encouraging you to do the same, as quality can differ from computer monitor to output.

We are skilled in the best software, continually upgrading our skills and building our ideas. We capitalize on the strengths of the different programs we use, which, in turn, allows us to perform to the best of our abilities–and then some. We understand the details in printing, and use fonts that we design ourselves. Some designers and printers use programs to create words that are bolded, italicized, or altered in some way. However, in different sizes, the deviations may not be as expected. We ensure our fonts have clarity, redesign them if needed, and work always with your request and what we know will work the best for you. We also understand that printers and programs can alter colors, and that’s why our focus on simplicity gives the clearest image possible — for your card and your business.