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Looking for Brand Monitoring and Social Media Management services for your website? We have that covered. If you’re new to the game, here are the details.

What is Brand Monitoring?

Brand monitoring is frequently and carefully doing online investigation to ensure that you can protect your company’s trademark, and see if similar things are brewing with customers.

Why is Brand Monitoring Important?

Brand monitoring is important because the federal law requires all trademark owners to monitor and enforce their trademark rights to maintain exclusivity.

What is the Value of Trademark Monitoring?

Take this for example: a consumer approaches you about a product they are sure they purchased from you–even your logo is on the package. The problem is, they aren’t happy. After doing some research, you discover that a competitor has used a very similar trademark for the past year. You contact them, they refuse to change, and argue that they “had it first”. Alternatively, you might be altered that someone else has purchased a domain name similar to yours. You contact them, let them know of your trademark rights, and tell them you’ll enforce them. They never end up following through with the domain.

How Does Brand Monitoring Work?

Any form of brand monitoring strategy will use research on different possible trademark registrations to ensure no others are registering with similar ones, as well as checking in one domain name acquisitions, SEO keywords, entity filings, social media usage, and other resources.

Why Do I Need It?

One of the most important functions of trademark monitoring and brand monitoring is finding out current and possible infringers who purchase domain names that are similar to your own. The trademark law protects owners of brands from possible confusion and unfair competition, and the monitoring allows the brand owners to find the issues and tackle them before they get out of control. If the infringers are yet to put effort into their brand (IE marketing, customer-base, et cetera), they are more likely to step down.

Trademark monitoring allows the brand owners to monitor their competitors’ advertising, negative reviews, social media accounts, keywords, and domain names that show their websites and content instead of your own. The best way, again, to combat this is to work quickly, and that is why Brand Monitoring works.

Another benefit of brand monitoring is keeping track of licensees, such as online affiliates, sales representatives that are independent, retailers, and other distributors. They must be monitored to ensure that there is proper trademark use, no misleading advertising, separation between licenser and licensee, and compliance with any form of contracts.

It also keeps up-to-date with what is going on with the competition. While traditional monitoring can be used for basic information, it can also find marketing strategies of the competitors, especially in their online activity. This helps stay on top of recent updates and releases for their products and what effective or ineffective ways they are promoting their brand.

It is important to note that any form of loss of control of a company’s trademarks means that there is a devaluation of the brand and the company.

It Will Help

Brand monitoring and Social Media Monitoring offers great benefits to your company. With it, you’ll have a stronger and wider social presence for your brand, followed by customers who are satisfied and appreciate your efforts. The products will be better developed to suit your clients’ needs, and you’ll have an overall better understanding of your market and your competitors.

How We Can Help

Packages are available that offer both standard and customized services to brand owners, whether you own 1 or 1000 trademarks. We provide flat fees and work with you to provide you with the best service possible.

How to Manage Your Own Brand

If you’re ready to take heed on managing your own brand, here are some ways to start:


Twitter is a useful tool to help brand monitoring become second nature. With Twitter, companies can track their brand mentions in real time, both through keywords and hashtags, along with mentions and retweets. There are plenty of helpful tools to use, but a few really prove to be helpful. TweetDeck is easy to use and very popular. To set up brand monitoring, users can add search pages for keywords and hashtags that represent their brand, and it will alert them when needed. Similarly, Hootsuite lets users set set up a tab for each brand, and, unlike TweetDeck, you don’t have to download it, so you can use it anywhere you can log in. Tweetizen is another, used both for tracking and promotion. It allows you to create a group using keywords or hashtags, then embed this in any webpage.


Companies can track, firstly, through Facebook, though there are a few glitches due to their privacy issues. To monitor, type your company or brand in the search bar. On the results page, click on “posts by everyone” and you’re left with any posts from public profiles on Facebook. is similar to Facebook, however, you don’t have to log into Facebook to use it. It has a simple interface and lets you do a quick overview of any brand mentions. breaks down results into metrics, and lets you filter out results to find just positive or negative feedback, as well as stats, keywords, and users.


Google+ has provided folks with another social media venue, and brands can benefit from some perks associated with it. Unlike other social media outlet, it allows for a more dynamic way to interact with a group, with more features on the way. Google+ have given users a new way to communicate the company’s offerings, allowing them to see and interact with who is interested in their products. What is nice is that it provides the opportunity to target the right people, as well. Users can track competitors, benchmark their industry, and monitor conversations in details. It just adds that much more comprehension.

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