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Ten Great Eco Communities

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Welcome to our top ten favourite eco and sustainable communities and companies.


Eartheasy is an amazing family owned company that was designed to teach you ways to live in harmony with nature in all the different aspects of your life. Their company is divided into Live, Grow, Eat, Play, Wear, Give. A bonus feature of the site is the Eartheasy Store that sells products for sustainable living. What makes the site extremely effective is the ease at which you can find articles on sustainable living. We personally know the family that owns Earth Easy, and we highly recommend them for your sustainable lifestyle needs!


Zerofootprint focuses mainly on Carbon Offset topics. They have an interactive Personal Carbon Manager that allows you to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets (for home and/or business). As well as downloadable information sheets regarding managing your carbon output. Another feature of the Zerofootprint site is a database of articles, events and initiatives.

Zerofootprint also offers Enterprise Carbon Management (ECM), a method for helping  companies measure, monitor, and reduce carbon emissions. It’s an end-to-end, customizable solution that allows companies to measure and track the environmental impact of their business.


Breathing Earth is an AWESOME site! It is a real-time simulation of what is currently happening in our world.  The site features statistics on every country in the world, including their population, CO2 emissions, births and deaths. Along with the individual country statistics, the site also tracks the current world population, and various statistics happening since you arrived at the site.

Once you get past the amazing real-time world, there is an entire information section on topics like CO2 emissions, climate change and recommended resources.


Blog Action Day has been going on for a few years now, you may have heard of it. Every October, bloggers world wide band together to discuss poverty to raise awareness of this issue that effects everyone. This website is the “home-base” for promoting Blog Action Day, and focuses on getting people involved year round through other outlets such as micro loaning through and Twittering about the issues.


Inhabitat is an environmental blog focused on home and lifestyle topics such as: Architecture, Home, Products, Gadgets, Fashion, Packaging, Transportation and Energy. The site contains lots of cool articles and the authors make sure to include lots of visual references and images. The site also features an online shop with a ton of products not available in retail stores. All environmentally friendly of course.


We Can Solve It is a community of people petitioning to switch 100% of America’s electricity to clean energy sources – within 10 years. The Campaign was founded by Al Gore’s non-profit The Alliance for Climate Protection. The site features videos, success stories, articles and more. You can even sign up to their green newsletter.


Green living is a wonderful site with tons of articles on a variety of lifestyle topics. The site is a joy to browse through due to the well-designed navigation and all of the articles are really interesting. The site also features product reviews, slideshows and  links to related green blogs.


Tree Hugger is an amazing site that one could spend hours browsing through. The articles are very well written and cover a broad range of environmental topics. All of which, are easy to find, due to their well-designed navigation..Along with Tree hugger’s large quantity of articles, the site allows the user to interact by chatting on the forums, commenting on articles, taking quizzes and much more. The site also deserves recognition of one of the only Job Boards that focuses on green jobs.

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