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University of California Design

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We were approached by the University of California on references from our work at Stanford with various Professors and Student Startups around the Palo Alto and San Francisco area. They wanted us to simplify the user interface on a few of their school websites, as well as design a cohesive and clean look and feel that would be extremely easy to use.

We are about 30% of the way through the project, and while we would love to show you the sum total of our work, we are limited to show you some of our first draft proposals that we sent their team.

The focus of the design below was to take the School of Engineering site architecture, and simplify it to the point that there would be 7 points of information at first glance. This easy to digest focus was accomplished by focusing on placing the navigation in a simple, hierarchy based navigation.

Click the images below to view full size image of our rough drafts.


User interface design for UC Davis

More to come as we progress. In the meantime, you can see more of our work on our Portfolio, or some of our latest design projects.